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Lexi Ross is one of the most gifted Wedding Singers Melbourne. Growing up she had a difficult initiation into the world of music, but came through adversity to become one of Melbourne’s most soulful and sought-after live singers. Read below to learn about the colourful history of Lexi Ross.

Early Years


As a child, Lexi was forced into Piano lessons at the age of 7. She was bullied into practice, and coerced into completing up to Grade 5 AMEB Piano and Piano Theory. Her mother ‘ruled with an iron fist’ and hired a narcissistic piano teacher to implement a punitive learning and practice schedule for Lexi. As a 10-year-old, she was expected to sit for over two hours at a time, memorising piano theory. For those that don’t know what piano theory is, it’s the technical side of classical music. It involves writing out notes and scales on manuscript paper and learning the very boring side of music. Not exactly an activity that most 10-year-old girls would enjoy.


The piano teacher was pretty much evil, and she used to regularly remind Lexi that none of her students “get less than an A or A+ on their exams”. Talk about pressure from a young age… This burden basically killed any joy Lexi had for playing the piano. It also created a form of PTSD and performance anxiety that was only resolved many years later. Fortunately, throughout her childhood and teenage years, Lexi also had singing lessons. Her parents didn’t care much about Lexi learning how to sing, because they didn’t value it. Luckily, they left her alone in relation to singing, and didn’t put any demands on her, about practice or completing exams. The freedom to sing without any pressure allowed Lexi to develop her voice and range in peace. Lexi spent years practicing her singing in the bathroom, making at-home recordings and performing in a range of local Musical Theatre productions in Melbourne.


After receiving more unwarranted pressure than any kid should endure, Lexi stopped playing music after her grade 5 exams and didn’t pick it up again until she was 25. The pressure and oppression did the opposite of what her parents had hoped, it turned her away from music altogether.


Education & Employment


During this time, Lexi worked in a number of jobs that she jokingly refers to as being ‘soul destroying’. Most jobs involving corporate recruitment, sales and other administrative duties.  She completed a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Melbourne, and then later a Master of Business Administration from RMIT. Lexi pretty much considers the 9 years she spent at University a waste of time. Again, parental programming and familial expectations sent her down that road. She never truly wanted to get those degrees, she only did it because it was ‘expected’ of her.


Making A Come Back to Music


In 2015 Lexi bought a keyboard and picked up jazz piano again. She started singing again after years of not doing it. She learnt about 30 songs to begin with and started to look for Open Mic venues around Melbourne. After successfully playing at a few Open Mic’s Lexi was offered her first paid gig at Baxter’s Lot for a total of $100. She gladly took it. Things pretty much took off from there. In the first month she was playing professional gigs, she scored two residencies. One was at the Inkerman Hotel in St Kilda, and the other the Quarry Hotel in Brunswick. In the live music world, a ‘residency’ is highly sought after by musicians. Most musicians want residencies. Having been blessed with two regular gigs straight off the bat, Lexi was inspired to pursue her live music career in a more concentrated way. Within a few months she had landed multiple jobs with wedding bands around Melbourne. She quickly joined these organisations as a Singer and keyboard player, playing at corporate functions and weddings.


Having played for a range of groups Lexi could see the many shortcomings of bands in the industry. She also felt deeply inspired to create her own band. One that would be professionally run, and have ingrained values based on respect, outstanding musicianship and have a culture of teamwork. It was the natural next step for her to start her own wedding and function band, appropriately named Ms Lexi & Celestial Band.



Creating Ms Lexi & Celestial Band- Wedding Band Melbourne


Within the first three weeks of operating, and without a website, Lexi booked her first wedding with the band. Things have been on the up and up since then. Just as the band was gaining momentum by way of private functions and wedding band gigs, COVID19 hit. The band continued to make virtual videos and stay in contact during lockdown. Since the lockdown has lifted in Victoria, Lexi has been extremely busy as a Wedding Singer Melbourne. Playing up to six gigs a week in December.


As Lexi was born in 1990, many of the songs in the band’s song list are from the 90’s. There is a focus on 90’s music and hits from that era. As well as music from a range of other genres including rock, country, soul, jazz. One thing the bands aims to do is provide high quality entertainment, that the whole family will love. Music for all age groups.


Lexi and Celestial Band are looking at an extremely bright future in 2021 and 2022. With many weddings and private functions already booked in, there is much to look forward to.


Outstanding Vocals- Wedding Singers Melbourne


Lexi Ross is regularly complimented as having a natural gift for singing. She has amazing control of her soulful voice, using both sweet and deeper tones whilst singing.  To see Ms Lexi & Celestial Band live in action, head to the Melbourne Wedding & Bride Expo on January 17th. For more information about Lexi and the band email or call 0467375489.