Ms Lexi and Celestial Band - Terms & Conditions

Ms Lexi and Celestial Band Terms and Conditions:


Song Requests:

  • If you’re a DJ client, we can take on board up to 20 song requests prior to your event or wedding Reception. We now have a specific Song Request form for you to fill out, and send back 6 weeks before your wedding. Song requests that are made on the night from guests will be vetted.
  • For band clients (Ceremonies, Canapés and Reception) we’re able to guarantee 3 songs per wedding. If you need us to learn 3 specific songs for your Walk Down the Aisle, Signing and First Dance for example, we can do that. Beyond those three songs, we treat all other song requests as preferences. Meaning, if the band knows them great, if they don’t, we will choose other awesome songs from our list to play. As a live band with musicians, it takes a while to learn songs and unfortunately, we are not able to guarantee exact song lists for clients when we do live music. For all clients that want to customise the music further, we suggest booking our DJ service.


Run Sheets:

• The initial quote is based on the information provided at the time of booking. Any change to the format of the event, including location, structure and hours will require a review of the initial quote.

Force Majeure:

• If we had to unexpectedly cancel a booking, we’ll pay your booking fee back.


• If you have to postpone your wedding or special event due to a COVID lockdown, we’ll move the date for you free of charge, so long as the new date is clearly stated and within a 12 month time frame from the original event date. New dates beyond 12 months will attract a new booking fee.

Postponements for the following reasons will require a new booking fee:

  • You don’t like certain government restrictions (eg guest numbers and dance floor restrictions)
  • Your guest list has been affected by positive COVID cases.
  • Interstate travel restrictions.
  • You want to pre-emptively postpone ahead of time as you feel that there may be restrictions.
  • That one distant cousin doesn’t want to wear the pink infinity dress you got her. She’s ordered a copper colour dress from China, and now you have to wait 6 months for it to be delivered.

The reason for this is as soon as we book your wedding in, we start saying “No sorry, we’re not available” to all of our new enquiries. The postponement fee will go towards paying musicians a cancellation fee, admin time rebooking, and the cost of holding the date.

Client Cancellations:

• In the event where you want to cancel your booking, rather than postpone, we will retain the initial booking fee/ deposit in lieu of a cancellation fee.

Payment of Balance:

• The balance of your booking is due the week before your event. We’re unable to accept cash on the night at weddings.

Use of alternative musicians:

  • The band leader Lexi Ross will perform with the band as advertised to the client, unless the need arises to use a fill-in musician, due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • All musicians are subject to availability, if a musician is not available we will substitute them for someone great who plays the same instrument.


Late Finish Fees:

• If the event runs late or the band is asked to finish later than the agreed time, a late finish fee must be mutually agreed upon by you the client, and Lexi Ross or the onsite band leader. Lexi Ross and other band leaders have the right to refuse to finish later then the contracted time.


• We request that clients kindly provide all band members a meal at any scheduled performance that runs for 4 hours or longer.

Consent to photography / videography:

• We (Celestial Band musicians + DJs) consent to photos and video being taken of us for social media. We also reserve the right to showcase the weddings and events we perform at. Please let us know if you dont want anything posted on social media.

Abuse at weddings:

  •  Verbal abuse of any kind is not going to be tolerated towards Lexi Ross or the Celestial Band musicians. This applies to both DJ and live band bookings.
  • Guests are in no way to become threatening, aggressive or overly pushy regarding song requests. Our DJ policy states we take up to 20 song requests prior to your wedding, with vetted song requests on the night. Given that the song requests are vetted, this means that guests are not guaranteed to have a song request played.
  •  In an instance where guests become abusive, we will stop music until the guest has been removed from the dance-floor/ event.
  • Guests are also not to keep coming up to the DJ booth to try and control the music. In some instances this behaviour can verge on harassment.


Guests and damage: 

  • Guests are not become intoxicated and in any way damage the DJ booth or other property. Here are the values of some of the equipment we bring to events:

Gold Pioneer DDJ SRT 1000 deck- $2700.

Macbook Pro- $3100.

Sure wireless microphone system- $500.

It’s expected that clients will pay for any damage caused to equipment by guests.

Venue Layouts:

  • We need to know prior to the wedding if the band or DJ booth cannot be setup in the same room that the guests are seated for your Reception.
  • If the band or DJ booth is outside or in another room separate to the main Reception, it is likely we’ll need to do a second equipment setup on the day to run a microphone/ music through.
  • In order to be ready for 2 setups, we need to know about this ahead of time.



• We try our very best to give you the best band/ DJ service ever for your special occasion. Please put any complaints in writing within 30 days. If the matter cannot be resolved, then both parties should seek legal advice.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions: 

  • Please note that by making payment you have accepted and agreed to the above Terms & Conditions.


Terms and Conditions updated April 2022.
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