Ms Lexi and Celestial Band - Terms & Conditions

Ms Lexi and Celestial Band Terms and Conditions:

Force Majeure:

• In the case of any situation arising on or before the event date which renders the agreement impossible to fulfil, which is not attributed to any act or failure to take preventative action by the ‘leader’ Lexi Ross, then the ‘leader’ may cancel the performance without penalty other than the loss of the deposit and balance paid. In other words, if


had to unexpectedly cancel, we’ll pay your deposit back plus any other money paid.


• If you have to postpone your wedding or special event, we’ll move the date for you free of charge, so long as the new date is clearly stated and within a 12 month time frame from the original event date.

Client Cancellations:

• In the event where you want to cancel your booking, rather than postpone, we will retain the initial deposit in lieu of a cancellation fee. In this instance we will pay you back the balance or any part there of, on the total cost of your booking. The reason we keep the deposit as a cancellation fee is that all contracted musicians in the band have set aside this date in their calendar, expecting to work. In fairness to all band members, we would need to pay them a cancellation fee. This is compensation where they could have taken another gig with a different organisation, and therefore been paid on the expected date.

Payment of Balance:

• The balance of your booking is due before the event date, or to be paid at the latest to the band leader on the day of performance.

Use of alternative or ‘deputy’ musicians:

• The band leader Lexi Ross will perform using the instrumentation of the ‘band’ as advertised to the client, unless the need arises to use an alternative ‘deputy’ musician, due to unforeseen circumstances. There will be no reduction in the contracted fee if a ‘deputy’ musician is used. The leader Lexi Ross will be present at the contracted performance, unless explicitly stated before the date.

Song Requests:

• All song requests need to be communicated by the client at least one week prior to any event date. This gives the whole band enough time to give our best performance on the day.

Late Finish Fees:

• If the event runs late and the band is asked to finish later than the agreed time, a late finish fee must be mutually agreed upon by you the client and Lexi Ross or other band leader. Lexi Ross and other band leaders have the right to refuse to finish later then the contracted time.

Social Media:

• Lexi Ross and the other musicians hired through Celestial Band respect your privacy on your wedding day. We LOVE to post pictures on social media to showcase our brilliant clients, however we will respect your privacy by asking you first.


• As above, we love to highlight the work we’ve done by writing blogs and posting pictures of events we’ve performed at. Before writing or publishing any blog piece for the website or Facebook page, we will ask your permission first.

Consent to photography / videography:

• At any contracted performance, we (Lexi Ross + Celestial Band musicians) consent to photos and video being taken of us for social media or promotional purposes.


• We try our best to give you the