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Ms Lexi and Celestial Band - Wedding 4 piece Band - FAQ
What packages and services do you offer?

We have LOTS of different packages for your next event. We can provide you with a combination of these services:

  • Acoustic Duo
  • Acoustic Duo + DJ package
  • Acoustic Trio
  • 4-person live band
  • 5-person live band + DJ hour
  • 6-person live band
  • Full day wedding package (Ceremony, Canapés hour & Reception)
  • DJ + MC
  • Dry Ice
  • Soloists
  • Ceremony + Cocktail hour package

Before discussing band options lets first check to see if we’re available on your date! After that we’ll give you a quote on the best options for your event.

What is the price range?

The price all depends on how many musicians you need, the length of the event, and sometimes the location. We can provide you with a Soloist for as little as $550 for your event. Some of our top packages; (full live band and DJ service with Ceremony music) sit around the $3,000 – $3,500 mark.

Do you travel?
Yes, we do! We routinely travel the whole of Victoria as a band. We don’t normally charge travel fees unless your event is quite far from us.
How much are travel fees?
Here’s the breakdown when it comes to travel fees:

0 – 1hour drive = No travel fee
1 – 2.5h drive = A small travel fee ($200 – $300) may apply to your booking
2.5h drive or further = The band will have to book a couple hotel rooms for the night.

*Once the drive gets to 2.5 hours or longer our four-person band would need at least 2 hotel rooms between us. Just like you wouldn’t want your guests driving home in the middle of the night, we also need to look after the welfare of our band members.

What songs will the band play at the event or at my wedding?

We have an extensive Song List currently on our website. We’re always adding new songs to our repertoire!

We make sure to keep a nice balance of different styles of music. Featuring songs from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s. Some of the main styles of music that we play are Rock and Pop! But you’ll also hear lots of soul, jazz, R&B and country tunes!

Can you learn song requests?

For shizzle… We can learn up to 3 new songs for every wedding we do. These are songs that you request, which aren’t already on our Song list. Learning songs is no drama for us. Call it a labour of love….

How long will the musicians play for at the event?
Depends on how long your event is! For a Wedding Reception, we would typically come out for 5 – 6 hours, and play 4 x 45 – minute sets throughout that time.

For birthday parties, we often come out for 4 hours and play 3 x 45 – minute sets during that time. Sometimes we get booked for a couple’s Wedding Ceremony + Cocktail hour. In that case we’ll be at your event for 2 hours (excluding set up and pack down time).

How big can we make our band?
The largest band we usually offer clients is our 6-person live band, but we can go bigger upon your request. In our 6-person band you’ll get:

  • Lexi Ross as your female Lead Singer
  • Our male Singer / Lead Guitarist
  • Bass Guitarist
  • Singing Drummer
  • Saxophone player
  • Keyboard player
What musicians make up a band?
We’ll create the most suitable line up, to fit the size band you ask for. Here are some examples:

  • 3 – person Acoustic Trio (guitar / singer, keyboard / singer & saxophone player)
  • 3 – person band (guitar / singer, keyboard / singer, and drums)
  • 4 – person live band (keyboard / singer, guitar / singer, drums and bass guitar)
  • 5 – person live band (keyboard / singer, guitar / singer, bass guitar, drums and saxophone player)
Where can I see you play live?

Our next live Showcase is planned for July 25th 7 – 9pm at Lona Bar in St Kilda. We may have to postpone the Showcase given the COVID lockdowns, but we’ll advertise the new date on our social media! You can also get a vibe for our band’s sound by going onto our YouTube page to view our videos.

Facebook: Ms Lexi & Celestial Band
Instagram: @celestialband_
YouTube: Ms Lexi & Celestial Band

Do you provide equipment? What about microphones for our speeches?

When we’re booked for a live event, we bring all the sound equipment required to make the live music amazing! This applies whether you hire a Soloist through us, a DJ, or full band. When you book one of our band packages, we’ll also bring professional dancefloor lighting to the event.

It’s standard procedure for us to bring at least one extra microphone for speeches to your event. If you book us for your wedding, rest assured we’ll always have at least one spare microphone on us!

What happens if one of the musicians is sick and can’t play at my wedding or event?

If one of our musicians or singers unexpectedly falls sick before your event, don’t worry, we’ll find a great replacement! Lexi Ross will usually be the main female singer at your event, unless otherwise discussed during the booking process. If the singer you’re expecting has to cancel, we’ll involve you in the process when finding a replacement.

There are currently 10 regular musicians in the Celestial Band team, we have our go-to replacement team members. Failing that, we have the benefit of a wider Melbourne network of musicians that we can use for our gigs.

What about COVID restrictions?

We have a flexible COVID policy, meaning that if your event can’t go ahead due to restrictions, we’ll postpone the date free of charge. We’ve had no dramas with any clients during the pandemic, due to our flexible policy. Even if we have to move the date, we still want to be with you in the planning process for your magical event!

Do you provide background music when you’re not playing live?

For sure, if you book one of our traditional band or live music packages, we’ll give you a complimentary DJ Concierge service. This means that when we’ll not performing live, we’ll put on some suitable funky background music. Played from an iPad.

How does the booking process work?

Pop your enquiry into the form below and Lexi or one of our team members will get back to you shortly. Our booking process is super easy. We take a low booking fee to reserve your date.

Be sure to get in early, because the second half of 2021 is almost fully booked out due to postponements! During the process, we’ll discuss your requirements with you, before putting all the details into an email. Once you’ve paid the deposit, we’ll confirm the date is blocked out for you! Easy-peasy.

Can we cancel our event and get a refund?

In a hypothetical scenario, if you had paid the balance on your booking and then cancel the event (not postpone), we would refund the balance, but not the initial booking fee amount. The initial deposit you pay is not only used to reserve the date, but it means that we also can’t take on extra work we otherwise would have, had you not booked that date. It’s used to cover admin time, time spent learning songs, time spent booking in musicians, buying equipment and musician cancellation fees.

For anyone planning a live event, we encourage our clients to postpone if they can’t go ahead on a specific date. If you postpone, we’ll simply reschedule the event free of charge. 🙂

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