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Have a read of our vulnerable blog about how we’ve become the target of jealousy in Melbourne’s live music industry. Particularly, the wedding music band scene…

Best Melbourne Wedding Entertainment
An exact pictorial depiction of some of the other Musicians and Bands in Melbourne. Along with their shark- like nature.. 

“Buyer Beware” When Booking A Live Wedding Band


Here’s the truth, hate to break it to you… The Melbourne wedding band industry is fraught with sharks. It is a bazaar scene that is dominated by one huge player. Because we have integrity, we won’t name the competitor. Let’s just call them.. “The Charlie Brown Band” for arguments sake. Anyways, truth is folks, so many musicians and singers get swallowed up by the Charlie Brown Band at the start of their careers in Melbourne. Before expanding out to other endeavours. The blog isn’t necessarily to talk about the Charlie Brown Band, its actually to talk about how we (Ms Lexi & Celestial Band) have become a casualty of other people’s jealousy.


But first, let just explain that there is huge rivalry in the Melbourne band scene. Most bands are run by one brazen individual, or team of barefaced individuals. They then randomly dip into the extremely large pool of Melbourne musicians and singers to fill their bands. 99% of the time these bands don’t rehearse together. Everyone just rocks up to the wedding or Corporate gig and hopes for the best. All the musicians essentially follow a Lead Singer/ musician, who will hopefully have decided what song they’re playing. Then they commence playing, praying that their timing and chords and in the ballpark of correctness.


Best Melbourne Wedding Entertainment


What Does It Mean To Be Melbourne’s Best Live Wedding Band?


This is why at Ms Lexi & Celestial Band; we’ve done things differently. We have permanent band members, just a small team of ten amazing multi-instrumentalists. Our group rehearses together regularly and has lots of communication before, during and after every gig. We talk about what went well, and what can be improved. Safe to say there is a lot of jealousy amongst bands in Melbourne. Rumour has it that the Charlie Brown Band is now saying that they refuse to hire musicians who are working for other bands. Interesting.


Many wedding couples about to tie the knot may be mistaken and think they’re hiring something special when they hire The Charlie Brown Band. Hate to break it to you, but you could just be hiring the 9th group of musicians the Charlie Brown Band is putting out that night. With completely random musicians, led by a half decent musician with a PA system….


The Ugly Truth About the Melbourne Wedding Entertainment Industry


It gets worse than that, amongst musicians in Melbourne there is also a lot of narcissism and jealousy. Now we’re getting onto our more sinister topic, in fact, the point of this whole blog. Since Ms Lexi & Celestial Band really took off as Melbourne’s best niche wedding music band, we’ve become a target for other wedding band’s and other (evil) musician’s jealousy. Before creating Ms Lexi & Celestial Band, Lexi Ross used to sing and play keys for some of the other Melbourne music bands. This included the infamous Charlie Brown Band, and other medium size band enterprises. She went along and performed at these bands showcases and received a right ol’ dose of toxicity and negativity from other singers.


Comments like “Oh my god you’re NOT going sing ‘Blame It On The Boogie’… I’m going to shoot myself if I hear that song”. Eye rolls, sniggers, you name it. The behind-the-scenes shenanigans of some of these band agencies is quite disgraceful. It competitive and nasty. Every singer and musician is crawling and scratching to get “all” the gigs that the band agency can rake in. Musicians will take any opportunity to climb on top of someone else, whether that be through demeaning comments, or filthy looks.  While it appears to be all smiles and beers clinking at these showcases, don’t be fooled. Secretly, every musician is out for themselves, and they’ll try to dominate and disempower anyone that comes along and threatens to take any of their precious little gigs. Pretty sick really.

Here’s Lexi’s take on the whole thing:


“Growing up I was unfortunately always the target of jealousy in my family of origin. My Dad decided that I was going to be his princess, and he always gave me special treatment. This kind of attention and praise drove my Mother and Sister crazy. They were always extremely cold and unkind towards me. They were insanely jealous of the bond, or the alliance between my Dad and I. Looking back, I reckon my Dad could have toned it down a bit. Shame on him for using me like that. My Mum and Sister also had an alliance as well, so the family was extremely divided. I remember receiving coldness, and lots of rude comments from them. Dad did nothing to protect me during those times. He pretty much sat back and allowed me to be bullied by both my Mum and Sister. Being the victim of bullying and jealousy leaves a trauma imprint. I’ve been to therapy and mostly dealt with the whole thing. But I still feel like my early experiences in my family was a set up to become a victim of bullying later in life. I know that now-a-days I really struggle in competitive environments. Don’t get me wrong, I like to push myself. But I really hate to feel like people are competing against me, or people are threatened by me. This is probably half the reason I wanted to run my own successful wedding band to be honest.


Before getting into the professional musician scene in Melbourne, I worked in a couple ‘high pressure’ sales jobs. One of these said jobs was for a company in the Building and Construction industry. My ex best friend brought me into the company, and yeah.. the truth was  I became a gun little sales girl. I came in and started making all these sales. At the time there was a “Number 1” sales girl in the company. I remember her well. Lets call her “Jenny”. So “Jenny” was savage about my new presence in the company. Not only did she act super threatened in company meetings, but one day she had this weird chat with me out the front of the building. Jenny was acting like the biggest ball buster and was essentially telling me what was her territory and where to go.. She then turned around later and told my ex best friend that I was “crying” during our chat. Lady, I was never crying. You are just a nasty ol’ Bi**ch. It takes a bit more then that to make me cry, Jenny. Sorry (not sorry). Just another example of the many times I’ve come up against people’s stone cold jealousy…


So yea, back to the wedding entertainment scene story… I didn’t want to be one little Singer on the books of multiple agencies. Trying to “get gigs” off whoever I can. I wanted to run my own band, deal with my own clients, and have my own soulmate clients come directly to me. Most of all, I didn’t want to have to compete with anyone else. Arguably, you could still say my band has to compete against other Melbourne wedding bands. I would say however, that we really don’t have any other competition. I have full faith that the right clients for our band will find us and notice us. We do things differently; and we are extremely professional. Besides, you can only hire me, Lexi Ross, through this band. If nothing else, there’s our main point of difference right there. You either want my live music band with all our awesome extra services, or you want something different. And that is fine too..! ”

Live Melbourne Band and Saxophone
Best Melbourne Wedding Entertainment

Best Melbourne Wedding Entertainment


We could say more about all this jealousy stuff, and how competitive the whole industry is. But let’s save all that gobbledygook for another day. How about we speak about the good stuff…!? If you are looking for the Best Melbourne Wedding Entertainment, you’d be crazy not to hire the gang at Ms Lexi & Celestial Band. Our four-piece band comes with two singers in it. Our 5-piece band comes with three singers including Lexi Ross, AND our Saxophone player! If you’ve ever been the target of someone else’s jealousy, and you’re still licking your wounds, give us a call and we can commiserate together! Not even joking. Seriously though, the phones have been running hot lately, lots of our dates in 2021 and 2022 are already snapped up. Don’t miss out on the best music entertainment! As well as being a traditional live band, we also DJ, MC and have Dry Ice too. So, if you want ALL your wedding entertainment covered by one multitalented crew, hit us up! 0467375489 or email lexi@celestialband.net.