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Today we’re going to attempt to entertain you with a somewhat satirical and mildly humorous blog about Lead Singer Lexi Ross’s recent run in with a “Sticky Beak” neighbour!

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Noah and Singer Lexi Ross at the Melbourne Showgrounds Jan 2021
There are many things we could have titled this blog. One is “Why neighbours should essentially mind their own business. Or “Why the neighbours should never tell a musician to turn their music down.” No matter what we call it, we hope you enjoy the story! Written by Lexi Ross

“I recently had a fairly gnarly experience with a stick beak neighbour at my bock of flats….

In Elwood, we’re lucky enough to have a few resident musicians in amongst the flats that I live in. One guy strums an Acoustic guitar down on the ground floor. He’s actually quite good. It seems like he’s improved a lot recently too. When I first heard him, it sounded like just basic chord strumming. Today he’s out sitting at the front of his flat, with his guitar. It sounds like he’s practicing scales at the moment, or like some kind of flamenco style guitar. Hard to tell exactly, but it’s nice. My cat and myself have been peering over the third-floor balcony listening and watching what he’s doing. He doesn’t seem to be aware that the two of us are spectating, and somewhat judging (in a good way) what he’s doing..

Anyways, about the negative experience I had with the meddling neighbour the other day. This lady, let’s call her Doris, has been living at these flats for way too long. When I moved in during COVID she immediately came up to me and was overly friendly. It was nice in the beginning. At first, I thought she was quite harmless.

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Within the first week of me moving into these unit, I was contacted by the Property Manager asking if I had crashed into the fence with my car? I was shocked and taken aback. I went out to the parking lot for a full investigation of the crime scene. Sure enough my 2006 Audi had a small amount of damage on both the left and right rear bumpers. Just a bit of harmless damage that had been there since 2017. Because which 31-year-old female has time to fix her car, when there’s web marketing and advertising bills to pay each month, true? As part of my investigation, I checked out the dirty old wooden fence in the parking lot. Most of it was absolutely buckled. The fence was basically falling over in a couple of sections. The neighbour’s fence was actually growing through one section of the fence! Right behind my car. All this and the Real Estate agency had the audacity to ask me if I had driven into the fence!? Was this all a ploy for them to get a new fence…? It was starting to look that way. I somewhat irately took photos on my 2018 iPhone 8 plus and sent them to the Property Manager. I also mentioned in my email my sudden suspicion that the accusations about me bumping the fence, was merely a ploy to have me pay for a new fence for them. The Property Manager replied swiftly and told me she was just responding to the neighbours ‘dob’ in. Someone in the flats had seen the damage on my 2006 Audi and made a complaint.

I couldn’t help wondering in week one if it was indeed the sticky beak lady out to cause trouble…

I quickly got over the fence accusation and got on with life. Covid restrictions lifted, and I started playing no less than six gigs a week. A combination of solo gigs, and wonderful live performances with my band Celestial Band. We were getting swept up in a flurry of bookings, and I had better things to think aside from a boring old Stickybeak and a broken fence.


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I managed to avoid this meddler for a while by reducing the number of times I came and left from my flat, and by just giving brief “his” in the corridor when I did have to see her. I managed the situation just fine until she knocked on my door one day and caught me off guard. I was quietly minding my own business plotting music industry domination, when she suddenly appeared at the door. She asked if she could come inside and go up into my attic. I’ve received some strange requests before, but not usually anyone so brazen that they want to come inside my house and go up into my attic. I told her “Yea sure… but not right now. I’m busy”. I needed to buy myself some time, and I also needed to set a precent with this nosey parker. She needed to know that you can’t simply balls up to my doorstep at 11am in the morning and get up into my attic. Unsolicited. There are some boundaries around here. As luck would have it that day, I actually did need to open the attic and go and get some music equipment that was stored up there. The attic of my apartment is huge, if anyone wants to know. It’s the same size as the apartment, but up above us. Perfect for storing speakers, lights, spare handheld microphones and all the other equipment us musicians and band leaders have to stockpile somewhere.


I decided seeing as the attic was open, I would go and find the Sticky beak and let her come for a look. I had her inside my house, and thats when she started telling me what her business was with the attic. She told me she had been living in her place for 8 years, and that she owned it. She wanted to see my attic because she was thinking of renovating hers. She wanted to put a bed up there for someone to sleep on. This is when I started to understand the mindset of this lady. She had been living in the tiny little block of flats, where the neighbours are way too close, for eight years! AND she owned her place. Meaning she automatically thought she was wayyy better than us plebs who were merely renting. She probably thought of herself as some kind of quasi-Queen of the flat block. Someone who would dob on anyone she suspected drove into her precious broken-down fence….

Anyways she came and left after having a thorough snoop of my attic. I thought we were good after that. I even asked to borrow her drain plunger pump one day, as I thought our relationship was progressing to that level. Little did I know the saga was NOT over yet.


Back to the original context of the story, a few of us in this block of flats are musicians. Being a singer and keys player that plays gigs every single week, it’s part of my routine to practice. Basically, every single day. I aim for an hour and a half, to two hours. Leaning new songs that clients request for their wedding and continuing to practice current songs that are in my rotation. “If you don’t use it, you lose it”. There’s also nothing worse than rocking up to a gig, having not well practiced the tunes you’ll be playing. It’s not nice having to worry about hitting all the right notes at a gig either. Anyways, I digress…


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So, on this particular day the ‘look-see’ sticky beak lady really crossed the line. It was a Friday at 2pm in the afternoon and I had three gigs that weekend. These were a combination of Celestial Band gigs, and Solo (piano and singing) gigs. I had my window open slightly so I could breathe, and so the cat could go out and stretch his legs if he felt like it. I was practicing using a new $900 looper machine, and some piano. I also had a maraca thingy for percussion sounds, and I was singing a little bit too. Nothing crazy, no “Crazy in Love” style vocals. Just a bit of harmless music. The stick beak comes knocking on my door at 2pm in the afternoon asking me to turn the music down!

“Ah… I’m not available right now” I replied through the door, without getting up from the keyboard. She kept saying that all she could hear was my music, and I again replied through the door (without getting up from the keyboard) saying “Yes, I have a gig in 2 hours”.

“Well, I have a deadline in two hours, and I can’t hear myself think!” she snapped…. What a little porkpie! You don’t have a deadline in two hours lady, I’ve never seen you act like you’re working. All I ever see you do is sticky beak around the apartment complex and eat vegetables outside your front door! This is what I was thinking, I didn’t say that to her of course. “Righty-o!” I ended up declaring and got up to slam the window shut.


How dare she come stickybeaking around my apartment. It was 2pm in the afternoon! I wasn’t making a huge amount of noise; I was actually making less noise than I sometimes make. That bloody window! She really triggered me with that boundary violation. Hello, I’m a professional musician. Musicians need to practice; singers need to practice! I’m not going to shudder in a dark corner of my attic and be too scared to practice. What a nosey parker, how dare she!


Well after that episode, I’ve gone from seeing her constantly around the flats every day, to seeing her once or twice in 3 weeks. I don’t know what she’s doing or why she’s not continuing to stickybeak around, but she seems to have made herself sparse. Maybe because I didn’t jump to her request or act all apologetic about the music, I’ve scared her off. Good. No more intruders in my attic, or around my flat! It’s actually quite bazaar because I used to see her multiple times a day, jumping around and riding her bicycle. The other explanation is that she seems to be having a quasi-romantic/ platonic relationship with one of the other long-term residents of these flats. There’s an aloof guy who lives downstairs. He grows a suspicious number of plants in his yard area. Probably so he can peak through and watch people in the parking lot unobtrusively. He’s the one I always see the stickybeak with, they both eat vegetables outside her front door. Perhaps she’s moved off the third floor and is shacking up with this guy on the ground level. Either way, good riddance!

So that’s nearly the end of the story folks. The take home message from all this drama is: don’t tell a humble neighbourhood musician to turn the music down while they’re practicing. For what it’s worth, if I feel like I need to have a big rehearsal, or want to rehearse with the band, we actually hire a rehearsal studio for a night. In-between, it’s just at-home practice in the lounge room. It’s really not that loud, and I certainly never do it past 9pm at night! It’s a free country, so if I want to sing, play at 2pm on a Friday, I will!”

So, there you have it guys, the story of the nosey parker neighbour and the poor singer/ musician who was victimised! Back to giving you some all important info regarding Bands For Hire Victoria !


Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this satirical blog! We like to keep ourselves entertained at Ms Lexi & Celestial Band. Sometimes staying entertained means writing totally random blogs and uploading them onto our site! What’s not random however, is our live music services and the packages that clients book us for. No, thats very very serious!



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While we’ve got your attention, we may as well share a bit of information about our lovely music package options! Just in case you actually do want to book yourself a bit of live music- whether that’s for your wedding or another special event. Hello Engagement Party!


We’re not going to bang on about what we do too much we’re just going to list our current services and mention our most popular package. So here goes. The most boring way of letting you know what we do is by writing this list:


Live Music Options: Ms Lexi & Celestial Band


  • Solos (Lexi Ross or one of the lads)
  • Acoustic Duo
  • Acoustic Trio
  • 4-piece party band!
  • 5-person band with Saxophone
  • DJ Service
  • MC
  • Dry Ice!


That’s pretty much the whole shebang folks, that’s all we do. We don’t pull anymore rabbits out of our hats except for the above. Yes, we bring equipment, yes, we take song requests, yes, we have lighting. But that’s pretty much it, what you see is what you get. We’re not the most expensive wedding and function band in Melbourne. But we’re also not the cheapest. We’re pretty much middle of the road with our pricing, and we’re fast becoming Melbourne’s number one band of choice, because of our awesome sound, and our amazing singing! So, if you want to hire yourself an awesome wedding singer, and some decent musicians, hit us up!


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Lastly, and only because we promised. We’ll just quickly tell you about our most popular wedding music package. This seems to be the package that everyone wants. Probably because it means your whole wedding day will be covered with nice live music. We keep this package simple and unoriginal sounding by simply referring to it as… A Full Day of live music. Essentially what you get is this: Lexi and our male Lead Singer playing as an Acoustic Duo for your wedding Ceremony (yes, we’ll learn songs for you). Then we give you a FREE Canapés Musician while your guests are standing around. Finally, our band is set up at your wedding Reception as a 4- or 5-person party band! We play the entire night, and finish the evening off with a bang, playing super high tempo dance music! Yippee! If you want a little variation on this package, we can DJ for the final hour of the night for you! We’ll tell the live musicians to bugger off for a bit, and you can choose all the dance floor music we play from a DJ deck… Or we can choose it, either way!

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Wow, after all that storytelling and information, we’re exhausted. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about our Bands For Hire Victoria. The future of our relationship is up to you. You have three choices; you can send us an enquiry regarding your special event right here. Secondly you can email Lexi from a tailored quote at lexi@celestialband.net. Finally, if you’ve seen a couple of our videos, and found the story about the neighbours quite humorous, you can ring Lexi and see if we’re available on your date! No need to wait. If you’re keen, call 0467375489 today!

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